Sunday. March 6, 2016

Big News! I’ve decided to turn the comment system back on. Whether or not they stay on is dependent on whether or not the spam situation is under control. If I start to see spam, then I’ll turn it off again. To leave a comment, you have to go to the article’s actual page. I really hope this works.

Just so you know, new comics will not appear in the main blogroll. You have to actually click on the “The Comic” tab. I only mention this because I put a new comic in there yesterday.

I’m also opening the site up to feed readers again… So you may be asking yourself, “What’s up? Why the sudden change of heart?” Simply put: Viewership is way down. For quite some time now I’ve been obsessed with blocking spammers and hackers, and it’s basically made Flush Twice all but invisible on the internet.

This site used to see over 5000 visits a day, and these days it’s lucky to see a hundred, and I think the site has a lot more to offer and looks a lot better than it ever has. I’ve got some new tools to make sure that hackers and spammers don’t take advantage of the site’s engine. Starting this week, I’m opening it up to all the bots and crawlers, and perhaps they’ll do me a solid and make Flush Twice more visible to people who like a daily dose of funny jokes.



Update March 8, 2016 9:41pm: I thought I had opened the feeds, but apparently it was still borked. I was just about to commit seppuku when I found the problem… And it was actually a very simple fix. Feeds are working great, so let’s start increasing those visitor numbers. I want to see no less that 700 visitors a day by the end of the week!

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