Sunday, March 13, 2016

So things are moving along pretty good here. I took down the “deny from” list of IP addresses, opened up the comment function, re-instated the feeds, and added a sitemap page. So what happened with the bots and spammers? Not quite sure, but a new plugin has been keeping the spam out of the comments section. It seems that China, Russia, and Ukraine seem to have backed off as well. We still get probed by bots, but not like it was a while back. I’m pretty sure that if it was something I did, it was completely by accident.

You may be wondering, “Has opening things up lead to an increase in the number of real visitors?” Not really. I’m seeing a few more visits, but nothing like it was back in the day. I suppose that will have to do. There’s an over abundance of choices out there, so unless I come up with something truly novel, I doubt Flush Twice will see a huge influx of visitors.

I guess in the end it really doesn’t matter. I still enjoy maintaining the site, and there’s enough regular viewers to make it all worth it.



Update 3/15: Apparently I spoke to soon… The Ukrainians are back at it again. What gives with that country?

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