Sunday, March 25, 2018

Political Brain Damage

You know, no one on the political left would ever accept the notion that I could fit in with the democrats. And while I tend to lean a little to the right, people on the political right have views that are far too authoritarian for me to abide. When I step back and look at both sides, I realize the sad truth that they suffer from a kind of political brain damage. For them it’s impossible to impartially look at virtually any issue and come to a rational conclusion. Their prejudice prevents them from any deviation to the stare decisis, even in the face of obvious evidence that contradicts the judgement of those past precedences. Basically it’s like talking to a brick wall.

We live in a age where anything can be a hot-button issue. Make no mistake, both sides are super touchy when it comes to being politically correct. If you don’t recite their dogma within the approved party lines, there will be an uproar. It’s been my personal experience that it doesn’t take much to send a right-wing snowflake on an endless rant just by bringing up any subject that touches on LGBT issues, abortion, gun control, or the weather, and you can get similar results from a liberal when bringing up the subject of LGBT, abortion, gun control, the weather, or basically the time of day.

In the end, I think we’re screwed. Too many of us have been psychologically damaged by the political echo chambers. You can’t even tell someone why you like Kirk’s castile soap over Irish Spring without them trying to twist it into a conspiratorial political agenda. The next step is a complete system collapse wherein everybody with extreme views squares off and has a fight to the death.

Maybe when it’s all over and the dust settles, we can get on with creating that super-amazing future society that science fiction has been taunting us with for nearly a century.



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