The teacher was giving a lesson about the concept of starvation to the class. She asked volunteers to come up to the chalkboard to draw their idea of starvation.

Although Little Johnny was the only kid in class with his hand up the teacher called on José, because she knew better than to call on Little Johnny. So, José went up and drew a round circle on the board with a bunch of dots in the circle.

The teacher asks him, “What is that, José?”

José replied, “Starvation is when all you have for dinner is a bunch of peas.”

The teacher said, “That’s great, José, but not quite what I’m looking for.”

She called on Suzy next, even though Little Johnny was the only one with his hand. Suzy went up and drew a circle and only put 2 dots in it. She explained to the teacher that starvation is only having two peas for dinner.

Again, the teacher said, “Well that’s great, but not what I was looking for.”

Finally, she called on Little Johnny even though she knew she’d regret it.

Little Johnny came up and drew a big circle and then draws a bunch of scribbled lines in it.

The teacher was thinking, well here it comes. She asked, “O.K. Little Johnny, tell us what your idea of starvation is.”

Little Johnny says, “Well, teacher, this circle is the asshole, and all these scribbles are cobwebs!”

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