Senior Sex

A 78-year-old man came into the Doctor’s office and complained of being tired.
The Doctor asked if he’d done anything unusual lately.
The man said, “Well, Wednesday night I picked up a 20-year-old secretary, went back to her place, and nailed her 3 times. Thursday, I met a 19-year-old waitress at the diner and we went out to Lover’s Rock and made love 4 times. Friday, I went out with an 18-year-old friend of my granddaughter’s and we ended up making it in the back of my Ford. Saturday I was lured into a motel by 17-year-old twins…”
The Doctor said, “That’s absolutely astonishing. But with all the dangers of sex these days, I hope you took proper precautions.”
“Of course,” the old geezer replied, “I gave ’em all phony names and numbers.”

Senior Sex
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