Rough Roulette

A lady was having a bad day at the roulette tables in Vegas. She was down to her last $50.

Exasperated, she exclaimed, “What rotten luck! What in the world should I do now?”

A man standing next to her suggested, “I don’t know. Why don’t you play your age?”

The man walked away. Barely a moment later, his attention was grabbed by a commotion at the roulette table. “Maybe she won!” He thought as He rushed back to the table.

When the man pushed through the crowd he found the lady lying limp on the floor, with the table operator kneeling over her.

The man was stunned. He asked, “What happened? Is she all right?”

The operator replied, “I don’t know. She put all her money on 29, and when 36 came up she just fainted!”

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