A kindergarten teacher comes to class and says, “Today class I am going to give you a letter of the alphabet and I want you to give me a word that begins with that letter.” She begins with the letter “A” and all the kids raise their hands. There is one kid in the back named Johnny that is real eager to answer the question, but the teacher knows that he is always vulgar and likes to use obscenities so she chooses on little Mary to answer.
Mary stands and says, “A…Apple” The teacher replies, “That’s great, Mary, good job.” So she moves on to the letter “B”, and again Johnny is still eager to answer the question, but the teacher is sure that he will probably say “Bitch” or something like that so she calls on Todd. Todd says, “B…Baseball.” And the teacher replies, ” Good Job, Todd.”
So they start going through the alphabet and the class’ attention dwindles, except for Johnny. The teacher comes to the letter “R” and no one, except for Johnny, is raising their hand so she is forced to call on him. “Okay Johnny, what starts with R?” she says. “R…Rat” Johnny replies.
“Rat, …that’s it…rat?” the teacher questions with astonishment.
“Yeah,” says Johnny, “Big-ass mother-fuckin’ rat with a dick 12 inches long.”

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