Close Encounter at the Gas Station

Two aliens walked up to a gas pump. One of them said, “Take us to your leader.”

The gas pump, being a gas pump, didn’t respond.

The alien repeated, “Take us to your leader, now!”

Again, no response.

Now irate, the alien pulled out his ray gun and aimed it at the pump. “Take us to your leader or I’ll shoot!” he shouted.

The second alien cried out, “No wait, don’t shoot!”. But it was too late. The first alien fired, and an enormous explosion launched both of them off of the the ground.

As the smoke and dust cleared, the two aliens lied bloodied in the smoldering wreckage. One said to the other, “How did you know I shouldn’t have shot him?”

And the second one replied, “When you’ve been round the galaxy as much as I have, you learn one thing. If a guy can wrap his penis round himself twice and stick it in his ear, you don’t fuck with him.”

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