A Promising Relationship

Vinnie had fallen in love with Maggie. Under the influence of his infatuation, he promised her diamonds, furs, and beautiful dresses.

One day they took a stroll down 5th Avenue. As they walked past a jewelry store, Maggie whispered, “You promised me diamonds.”

Vinnie picked up a brick laying nearby and threw it through the store window. He reached in and grabbed a diamond necklace, which he then put around Maggie’s neck.

As they strolled on, they came upon a fur shop. Maggie cooed, “You promised me furs too.”

Vinnie picked up another brick, threw it through the window, pulled out a mink, and gave it to Maggie.

As they continued their stroll, they came upon a fashion store with beautiful dresses. Maggie sighed, “I seem to recall you promised me beautiful dresses.”

“What?!” Vinnie protested. “Do you think I’m made out of bricks?”

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