A Man in a Bar

beerA man walks into a bar and orders three Guinness. The bartender pours all three and sets them in front of the man who proceeds to take a sip out of the first, a sip of the second, a sip of the third, then repeats until he has finished them all. He then pays an leaves.
The next night the man returns, orders three Guinness, takes a sip of the first, a sip of the second, a sip of the third, repeats until finished, pays and leaves. This happens the next night as well, Finally the bartender asks as the man is leaving “Why do you always order three Guinness at once instead of ordering them one at a time?” The mans says “I have a Brother in London, a Brother in Sydney and with myself in New York City, we never get to go get drinks anymore, so each of us do this ritual every night in whatever city we are in, so it’s like we are having drinks together.” The bartender says “That’s really nice. See you tomorrow then.”
This continues every night for over a month, and one night, the man comes in and only orders two Guinness. He takes a sip of the first, sip of the second, and repeats until finished. The Bartender is thinking the whole time about how he will deal with this change in the ritual, and as the man pays, he says “I’m really sorry for your loss.” The man looks puzzled, and asks “What Loss?” The Bartender says “Well, you only ordered two Guinness, I assume something happened to one of your brothers.”
“No” says the Man “I just quit drinking.”
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