Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Hiatus Continues…

But on the bright side, I re-installed WordPress (again) and fixed some of those irritating glitches I’ve been experiencing. The “Random!” tab is back on the menu, and now when I post something into the queue, it doesn’t give me a blank screen while only saving part of it to “Drafts”.

So in my last “News” post, I mentioned that we’d be back in mid to late September with new jokes. You may be asking, “Does that time frame still stand?” Basically we will be posting new jokes on Monday, September 26… Unless I decide to start posting them sooner.

“So ‘maybe sooner’? Why you gotta play with us like that?”

Well, the truth is, I’m ready today! The summer heat has started to back off a little, and I’m not feeling quite so worn out… But my contributors are not giving me any new material. Right now it looks like I’ll have to copy paste more shit from /r/jokes if my current sources don’t pick it up, or I can’t find some new sources.

So there it is… We’ll definitely be posting jokes by 9/26 or sooner if I can find another mother lode of jokes.