Window Washer

A beautiful young woman is getting dressed for work one morning in her high-rise apartment building. She glances out her fiftieth-story bedroom window and sees a window washer outside.

Thinking she will rattle him, she slowly takes off her dress.

The window washer just goes about the business of cleaning the windows.

Next, she removes her slip in a very provocative manner.

Still, the man just keeps working away.

Taking her striptease to the full extent, she takes off her bra and panties and begins parading around her room.

The window washer still takes no notice of her.

Finally, the woman walks over to the window and just stands there, totally naked, staring at the man outside her window.

At last the window washer puts down his pail and says, “What’s the matter, lady, haven’t you ever seen a window washer before?”

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