To Meet the Pope

Tom was a devout Catholic and heard that the Pope was coming to town. Hoping to gain the attention of the pontiff he bought a tuxedo.

He went to the parade in his formalwear and notice a bum standing a few yards away from him. The man had old, tattered and dirty clothes on, and looked to be in a very bad way.

It wasn’t long before the the Pope passed by. Tom was disappointed when the pope overlooked him and went over to the bum instead, but he was absolutely amazed to see the Pope speek to the man and whispered something in his ear.

The old bum quietly turned and began to wander away from the area. Intrigued by how the poor wretch was able to gain the attention of the Pope, Tom approached the bum and offered him $100 for the clothes off his back.

The next day, Tom went back to the parade dressed in the bum’s clothes. Sure enough, this time when when the Pope came by he stopped in front of Tom and whispered in his ear: “I thought I told you yesterday to get the hell out of here!”

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