To Be Six Again

Over breakfast one morning, Dale asked his wife what she would like for her birthday.

“I’d love to be six again,” she replied.

A few days later on the morning of her birthday, Dale got her up bright and early and took her to a local amusement park. They rode the roller coaster, the log floom, the carousel, and every other ride imaginable.

Several hours later, they staggered out of the park and went to a fast food restaurant for cheeseburgers, fries, and milkshakes.

After that, it was off to the movies! They saw the latest Disney adventure complete with popcorn, candy, and sodas!

Finally she wobbled home with her husband and collapsed into bed.

He leaned over and lovingly asked, “Well, dear, what was it like being six again?”

She sat up in bed and glared at him, “You moron! I meant my dress size.”

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