To Be Fair…

To Be Fair

So there’s this internet Meme regarding a rather pompous paragraph about how you have to have a high IQ to appreciate “Rick and Morty”. It’s absolutely cringey. Before I had read that “copy pasta”, I actually enjoyed watching “Rick and Morty” but now I can’t help but feel a little dirty when I see anything “Rick and Morty” related.

Dewey’s opening statement is in regards to my grand experiment in organically growing a bigger fan base. It was my belief that offering regularly updated humorous content on a reliably non-malicious website would somehow find its way into the hearts and minds of a broader audience. Well that just ain’t happening. Since I’m too self-conscious to plug my site on other sites, it looks like “Pathos in the Plumbing” will never see the love that webcomics like “XKCD” and “Billy the Heretic” enjoy.

So as I look through Flush Twice’s visitor logs, I just want to say to all five of you out there, including that one guy who rates all the jokes and comics, that I humbly thank you. No, really. I’ve tried very hard to make this site a worthwhile visit, and I hope your visit today is enjoyable. You guys are the best, and what I don’t have in visitor quantity I still make up for in quality.

And no, you don’t have to have a high IQ to “get” my comic. I can assure you that if you don’t get one of my comics, it’s because I didn’t do my fucking job right. It’s not your fault if my humor isn’t working, and let’s face it: I’m just not always funny.



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2 Responses to To Be Fair…

  1. Anonymous says:

    I tried to grow your fan base a few times by linking to you. It obviously didn’t take. Maybe I should try again.

    Thanks for your efforts.

    • f2x says:

      Aw thanks. I appreciate it. See, that’s what I mean. I love that I have a small handful of people who actually enjoy the jokes and comic for what it is, and tolerate it for what it isn’t. A million times, you’re welcome!

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