The Rejection Ladder

The Rejection Ladder

Hopefully you never end up in this situation. It’s a popular “dick move” by various management personnel, and it works like this: You build yourself up for the day when you will earn some kind of promotion only to be torpedoed by your boss, and to add insult, they also poison the well so you’ll have a difficult time establishing a good rapport with the postulant about to take your job.

Not to change the subject but…

I just wanted to run a couple things by everyone. First off, the “new” guy up there is Marshal Brady, one of the soldiers. Slowly but surely, I want to integrate all of my Army characters into civilian roles. Of course they will still be putting on their uniforms for drill, but all of the soldiers will have civilian parts as well.

The other thing I wanted to mention is that I’ve added some fancy code to the comic panels. Clicking on the panel will do a “ghetto lightbox” effect, and clicking on the panel again will put it back. No more opening new pages or clicking the back button. The full size image just pops up and pops back with a simple click! Try it today!



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