The VERY Young Lovers

Little Johnny and his girlfriend decided they want to get married. So they figured they should tell her parents first.

They say down at the table with her parents and Johnny announced, “Janey and I are really in love so we decided to get married!”
Her stunned father looked at them and said, “But you’re only 10 years old!”
Johnny said, “We know but we’re really in love and we’ve thought this through.”
Dad said, “I see. Well, where are you going to Live?”
Johnny said, “We measured both our bedrooms and hers is bigger than mine. So we’re going to live here.”
Dad said, “Okay, what about money? You’ll need money.”
Johnny said, “Well I get $10 a week in allowance and she gets $15. That’s $25. We think we can live pretty good off that!”
Dad said, “I see. You really have thought this through. What about family? Having a family is an important part of marriage. Have you thought about that yet?”
Johnny said, “Oh yes! We know we’re too young to start a family right now. So I’m just gonna keep nailing her in the ass like I have been!”

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