The Robot Secretary

Ralph went up to Gary one morning and commented, “That new secretary of yours is beautiful!”

Gary replied, “I’m glad you like her. Believe it or not, she’s a robot! She’s the latest model from Japan. Lemme tell you how she works. If you squeeze her left tit, she takes dictation. If you squeeze her right tit, she types a letter. She’s got a lot of extra features too!”

Ralph was intrigued. “Mind if I borrow her?” he asked.

“Go ahead,” said Gary.

So, Ralph took her into the restroom. After a few moments, Gary heard him screaming “Eeeeyaaaaa! Heeelp Ooooooh! Aaaaaaah! eeeeeeeeeaaargghhhh!”

Realizing what must be going on, Gary shouted in the door, “Hey! I forgot to tell you, Ralph- Her ass is a pencil sharpener!”

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