The NEW New Normal

The NEW New Normal

A feedback I got for “Your Day in the Barrel” smugly stated, “I knew there would be a barrel in the last panel before I even got there.” And yeah, looking back I can think of about a half dozen different ways that gag could have been funnier… but it was the best I could come up with at the time.

While I doubt I subverted anyone’s expectations, I don’t think anyone expected to see Alexis in the last panel… and I kind of doubt anyone cared.

First of all, to appreciate this week’s “twist”, you would have to have been a follower of the comic and know that Alexis was Brandon’s old boss at the job he recently left. This has been an admittedly contrived parallel to my own career change, but I digress.

Overall, I am pleased with how my story arc turned out. A necessary consequence of staying the course with Brandon’s new job was that I would have had to create new characters along with it. Fact is, the existing cast is already too big.

In any event, it’s time to get back to normal… Whatever normal is.



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