The New Housekeeper

A young guy was in between the sheets with a married woman when they heard the front door open.

“It’s my husband,” the woman said as she jumped out of the bed and pulled on a dress. “Here start ironing these,” and she tossed him a pile of shirts.

A moment later the husband walked in and asked why a strange man was ironing the shirts.

She told him that he was the new housekeeper.

For some inexplicable reason the husband accepted this bizarre explanation and went about his business.

The poor bloke stayed and finished the shirts, then walked down the street to catch the bus.

He couldn’t help but talk about what just happened to the man waiting next to him.

The man looked at him and said,”Are you talking about that nice looking brunette who lives in the two story brick job a couple blocks down on the corner?”

“Why yes I am. Do you know her?”

“Know her?” he said. “I’m the guy who washed those damned shirts!”

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