The Indian at the Fair

At the State Fair a young fellow was watching an old Indian. Above the old Indian was a sign that read: “$5.00 – If I can’t tell you where you’re from, I’ll pay you $50.00!”

Just then, a cowboy approached the Indian and asked, “Is the sign right?”

The Indian said, “yes.”

The cowboy handed him a fiver and said, “you’re on!”

The Indian looked the cowboy up and down, he noticed some cow dung on the cowboy’s boots and flatly stated, “you’re from Wyoming.”

The cowboy shook his head and said, “I’ll be darned! You’re right!” and strolled away.

A second cowboy approached the Indian and went through the same routine. Handing him the fiver, he stood and watched as the Indian looked him up and down before noticing a bit of straw and cow dung on his boots. The Indian said, “you’re from Montana!”

The cowboy, dejected as all get out, walked away.

The young man decided he’s going to give the Indian a run for his money. He went into the men’s room, took off his boots, scrubbed them up, dried them off, and put on a coat of polish. The he went ouside and approached the Indian. He handed the Indian a five-dollar bill and said, “do your stuff!”

The Indian looked and looked, and appeared to be befuddled. The young man was now certain he had gotten one up on the Indian.

The Indian finally said, “You’re from New Zealand!”

The young man was astonished and asked, “How in the world did you know that I’m from New Zealand?”

The Indian replied, “By the wool on your zipper.”

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