The Impatiently Dead Doctor

A rather prominent physician died and went to heaven. Unfortunately, there was a very long line at the Pearly Gates. The doctor went to the front of the line and said to St. Peter, “I’m a very important doctor. Shouldn’t I be allowed to bypass this line and go right in?

St. Peter scowled upon the doctor and said, “Up here, everyone is equal. Now, please go to the end of the line and wait your turn.”

The doctor grumbled but did as he was told.

A moment later, someone with a white coat and stethoscope dashed past the line and went straight into heaven.

The doctor ran back up to St. Peter and said, “Hey, how come you let that doctor in and not me?”

St. Peter replied, “That was no doctor, that was God. From time to time he likes to play doctor.”

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