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Brandon isn’t very comfortable in leadership positions, which is kind of a shame because he’d probably make a good leader. Newt on the other hand is a terrible leader, but you’ll never pry him out of that roll. In fact, Newt is so confident he’s willing to lend some limelight to Brandon, knowing that Brandon will happily relinquish it at the end of the day.

So who is the dude in the tactical turtleneck? Does he look familiar at all? Well, he’s been in the cast for quite a while now, but not in this context. I’ll go ahead and tell you: The “FNG” is none other than SGT Pete Scrapper in his civvies.

The soldiers in my cast of characters are actually in the Reserves. In case you didn’t know it, soldiers in the Reserves spend most of their time as everyday civilians, and if they hope to make a living, they need civilian jobs just like the rest of us.

Not to change the subject, but Pathos was supposed to be a single side panel… Yeah… That didn’t last. Once you taste that multi-panel goodness, you just can’t resist its versatile abilities. Having this comic in the sidebar makes going wider impossible, but there’s no rules that say you can’t extend it vertically.



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