Introductions Aside

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Introductions Aside

So Clif and Pete have been gazing into each other’s eyes up there in the header image for well over a year. Don’t tell me you didn’t realize something was going on. Even Pete’s character page mentions that ladies aren’t his thing. I’m just sayin’…

I’ve recently made a lot of progress with regards to the office building map.

Here’s a shot of the current cubical design:

Here’s the breakroom:

Alexis’ Office from the outside:

Random shot of the Cube Farm:

If these images look a little flat, it’s because I haven’t used any shaders. When working on large maps having shaders present when editing can become very processor intensive. The map looks good as is, but I’ve got a feeling there’s a few more things I’ll need to add and work on, so I’m leaving the shaders out of it.



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Introductions Aside
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