The Christmas Frog

frogA guy frantically runs to the pet store on Christmas Eve and goes up to the owner, “I need a puppy for my wife for Christmas. I know I’ve left it late but can you please help!?”
The store owner replies, “Sorry son. you’re shit out of luck… it being Christmas Eve and all. The cute pets are all gone.”
“Well,” says the man, “Do you have anything left?”
“Actually,” says the owner, “I got this African bullfrog in back you should take a look at.”
“African bullfrog?!” the man retorts. “Why the fuck would she want an African bullfrog?”
The store’s owner just said, “Trust me,” and took the man in the back to show him the frog
“This thing is ugly as shit. Her Christmas is going to be ruined!” cried the man.
“Trust me on this,” said the owner.”Stick your dick in its mouth.”
Shrugging the guy thinks why not and go’s ahead. To his amazement the bullfrog sucks him like a Dyson. It’s easily the best oral sex he’s had since college. “Dear Lord! I’ll take it!!!”
Christmas morning comes and he hands his wife the gift wrapped box which she duly opens. “Oh honey you shouldn’t have… WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?”
“Its an African bullfrog,” said the man.
In a pissed off tone the wife asks, “What am I supposed to do with an African bullfrog?”
“Teach it to cook, then fuck off!”

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