The Bull Auction

A middle aged couple went to a livestock show one fine Sunday afternoon and were watching the auctioning of the bulls.

The auctioneer announced the first bull, “A fine specimen, this bull reproduced 57 times last year.”

The wife nudged her husband in the ribs and commented, “See! That was more than once a week!”

The second bull was up next. “Another fine specimen,” said the auctioneer, “This wonder reproduced 120 times last year.”

Again the wife nudged her husband, “Hey, that’s more than twice a week. What do you say to that?”

Her husband was getting really annoyed with this comparison.

It wasn’t long and the third bull went up for sale. “And this extraordinary specimen reproduced 365 times last year!” announced the auctioneer.

The wife slaps her husband on the arm and scolded, “That’s once a day, every day of the year! How about you?”

The husband was pretty irritated by now and shot back, “Sure, once a day! Great! But go ask that auctioneer if they were all with the same cow!”

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