Table Turning

Table Turning

I walked into the break room to see a bunch of gray haired men on their phones. Larry was showing Shawn the latest, “Lock her up” meme. Steve was showing Larry a picture of a Glock that a buddy of his had modded. The other Steve was looking at pictures of hot rods, and Tony was watching some kind of Alex Jones video.

Wendy was liking everything that her nieces were posting. Lynne was looking at photos of her grand baby, and wouldn’t shut up about her upcoming trip to go visit her. Angela was sharing some kind of yeehaw rebel flag crap with her children who lived out of state…

Most of these people (save Angela[46]) are over 60. I’ve also heard nearly every single one of them (save Angela) bitch about young people on their cell phones not even a decade ago.

Of course they can do whatever they want on their breaks, but it’s funny how people who used to be so critical of such behavior are now so addicted to it, and they get really hateful when you point it out.



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