Feels Misunderstood Man

Feels Misunderstood Man

I try to avoid reading other people’s comics because it has a dampening effect on my own creativity. As you can see, it’s already damp enough as it is.

That being said, there are these feel-good comics out there that have been really popular of late. It typically follows the same pattern every strip: First, a character makes a hopeful outreach of friendship, next, the character has insecurities or doubts about whether or not they should have done that, and finally, the other character reassures them that their friendship is reciprocated, and everybody hugs.

This is followed by a massive amount of upvotes the likes of which even a brigade of Russian troll-bots could not muster.

Are people today really that desperately lonely and depressed? Sweet Jebus! If your inferiority complex is that bad, go buy yourself a death-row-dog already!



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