Sunday, September 3, 2017

Steppin’ up my Game

So you might have noticed a minor design change this week. It also coincided with an updated and improved character page. I’ve already deleted the revision history, but I feel much more confident in the various backstories after the rewrite. The characters seem way better thought out now, and their lives make more sense. I just need to get better at this thing called comedy.

I’m trying to do my best to make this site the best JOTD and comic site on the net. Oh wait… I’ve been trying my best to do that for 14 years, and I’m still not ranked on Alexa. Seriously, mBlip is ranking higher than Flush Twice, and it’s not even a year old!

The updated character design templates are coming along slowly. I’m running into some old personal limitations I’ve yet to overcome when it comes to the artwork. The biggest one has to be the fact that I’m still using a bitmap editor from 1997 for the bulk of my work. Sorry, but Gimp and Photoshop aren’t very intuitive for me, so I work with what I know best… and what I know likes to crash and wipe out hours worth of work when I least expect it.



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