Sunday, September 24, 2017

Throwing in the Towel

Two months ago there was an opening in the shop where I work. It was a step up from my usual thing, and the pay was higher to boot. I put in my bid, and on account of my 20 years of seniority, I got the position. I finally felt as though I had “arrived”.

At first, things were OK. I learned a lot, and I thought I was going to fit in well. Unfortunately there were a few things that just didn’t seem like they were working out. Then there was an “incident”. No one got hurt or anything, but it freaked me out.

Everyone kept telling me that it’s happened to everyone in this job, and even though I knew that it did, I just felt very uncomfortable being in that position. The next day I asked for my old job back, the day after that, I made it a little more clear that I wanted my old job back. They gave me my old job back.

So there you have it. I gave it a shot, it wasn’t for me, and I threw in the towel.



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