Sunday, September 18, 2016

Are You Ready For Some Jokes?!

OK everybody, I’m finally ready to come back now. The sight has received a fresh install of WordPress, all the plugins are up to date, the database has been cleaned and polished to a high gloss finish, and I finally tracked down one of my primary contributors… who probably doesn’t know that they are a contributor.

I’m just saying that things are finally getting back to normal around here., While the summer heat may not be entirely gone, it has started to wane as we enter into fall. I’m feeling much better, and we should be able to resume normal daily jokes starting tomorrow!


With the good comes the bad.

See the black lab in the picture up there? That’s my dog. Her name is Grace. She’s had a rough summer. Grace had to have surgery to remove a mast cell tumor from her tummy. Sadly, the histopathology report on the tumor wasn’t the best. It seems that while they went deep enough, they didn’t go wide enough. On the bright side, it’s a low grade MCT, so her prognosis isn’t necessarily terrible.

For my fellow viewers with four legged family, please give them a hug for me, and say a prayer for Grace.



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