Sunday, October 22, 2017

Learning from Limits

So I mentioned in one of my earlier comics that I cancelled my home internet service. I’m actually a heavy internet user, so this left me with a serious problem. From an economic point of view, wireless data plans are not viable for long term, and Spectrum is the only landline option currently available in my area. So I figured I’d cancel Spectrum, “up” the wireless data plan, use the phone as a hotspot, and after a few months, crawl back to spectrum as a new customer.

It had only been 15 days, and I thought I’d check. Spectrum was already willing to take me back as a NEW customer! That means my internet cost dropped from $60 per month down to just $45. Since I’m still using my old modem I’m limited to 40mbps down and 11 up. That’s actually far better than before, and as far as I’m concerned, that will do quite nicely.

And in the nick of time too! I had used up all my LTE data. I was facing the next 14 days of 2G (128kbps) speeds. Even on it’s lowest setting, I don’t think you could watch Netflix.

So in about 12 months, remind me to cancel my service with Spectrum. My $45 a month deal only lasts for a year before it jumps to $65. Maybe by then wireless carriers will be more viable, but I doubt it. Still they’re a great “go to” to get your land line provider to drop their price back to a respectable figure.



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