Sunday, November 20, 2016

Just a few more days…

Thanksgiving (US) is just around the corner. In a way, I’m one of the lucky ones. Every year I get Thursday and Friday off to make for a 4 day weekend. I used to resent the fact that Thanksgiving messed up the long weekend, but now that I’m older, all I have to do is make a tray of deviled eggs and show up for a free dinner at my Aunt’s house on Thursday. I generally find a recliner and take a nap while I’m waiting to eat, and then take another nap when I’m digesting. Oh sure, I spend some time with the family, but I’m not very good in social settings, and they understand these things make me very tired.

This year I may have to get a new television on black Friday. I bought a 40″ TV back in 2010. 40″ was still respectable back then. It’s six years old, and for some reason the screen keeps messing up. It starts flickering green and purple horizontal lines until you turn it off and on. It does this randomly, and it’s been getting more frequent. It’s done it 9 times in the past 2 hours. Believe me, it’s fucking annoying.

I thought I’d also mention that it’s almost time to renew my hosting plan. This year it looks like it’s going to cost me $120. That doesn’t include the $25 annual fee for my domain name registration in May. So basically Flush Twice costs me $145 a year. That’s about 40¢ a day. These aren’t special insider prices either. My webhost is essentially fucking me up the ass compared to some others out there, but it’s still cheap enough that I don’t want to mess with it.

Personally I’d love to go back to running my own webserver in the basement again, but because I have a quasi-dynamic IP address, I’d have to find a reliable rapid DNS updater, and most of them have terms shittier than my webhost’s. Just so you know, I pay my webhost $120 a year and can host an unlimited number of domains with 2 Terabytes of disk space, 100 Terabytes of data per month, and operating up to 50 MySQL databates and 50 PgSQL databases. I don’t even begin to scratch the surface of that, but 40¢ a day and I get my own website? Sure… Why not…

OK, I’ve droned on long enough. Tune in next week when I’ll probably be moaning about eating too much at Thanksgiving.



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