Sunday, May 2, 2021

It Feels the Same All Around

As I settle into my new job, I’m meeting many a new and interesting people, but they don’t exactly feel new to me. One thing that I have noticed as I have aged, is the phenomenon where faces are starting to rhyme. I have met enough people in my life that when I meet someone new, I know someone else who looks and acts fairly similar.

Sometimes it is a person I knew years ago that would be much older now, but I’m meeting them as a young person again. Then there are the “mix’n’match” They have features that come from a few different people in my past with a personality that I’ve already come to know. In any event, I feel like I know a lot of these people even though I have never actually met any of them before.

Now I am not dumb enough to ever tell a person they remind me of someone else. Here is a pro tip: If you ever hear yourself utter the phrase, “You remind me of…” you done fucked up. It always comes across as creepy and insulting, so stop yourself before it happens.

This effect is actually a blessing when I am around new people. That familiarity allows me to feel more comfortable, and when I am comfortable, that feeling carries over to the people around me and they feel more comfortable as well.

Ah yes… I think we are going to get along quite nicely.


As always, thanks for contributing jokes through the Flush Twice submission page. I’m still posting comics and these “Rants” around the weekend, but don’t hold your breath if I’m a day or two late.



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