Sunday, March 19, 2017

Route Planning

So if I had the time to sit down and explain everything that’s going on, then it probably wouldn’t be going on, because I obviously had the time to sit down and tell you about it.

Usually I have Sunday’s off, but even today I’ve been way too busy. I did manage to change the car’s serpentine belt that I ordered from Amazon two months ago, got an oil change, and I took the dog for a ride out to my new employer’s facility.

Oh, don’t get me wrong… I haven’t actually got the job yet, but I really want this job, and so far all the tests and evaluations have gone very well. Be that as it may, I’m literally on the wrong side of town to get to this place, so if I’m going to drive this every day, finding the best route is a bit of an imperative.

So I’m taking a half day at work tomorrow. Grace has to go in to the vet to have another growth removed. After a fine needle aspirate, the vet said it looks like it may only be a lump of fat cells, but given her history and the location of the growth, a lumpectomy is prudent.

So Grace is having surgery tomorrow, and I’m trying to get a new job with an employer that’s difficult to get to from here while maintaining my current job that continues to increase my workload while the company cuts everyone’s benefits and pay… But I’m sure our CEO will name his new boat after the company to show his esprit de corps.



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