Sunday, June 4, 2017

Meta Analysis

By now you’re probably beginning to notice a pattern. This is the paragraph where I start some diatribe about something that gets under my skin. No one should ever read this stuff, but for some reason you do.

The second paragraph is where I go into a little more detail, then start to backpedal by saying something like, “maybe I’m overreacting”. You’ve probably also realized you’ve seen this meta analysis someplace else on the internet, because nothing on the internet is original anymore. If you’re still reading this garbage I have no pity on you.

By this point all intelligent cohesion is lost, and I’m just rambling aimlessly. If you think there is any sense to this crap, that’s all you. That’s just you projecting your own nonsensical beliefs on meaningless filler that I typed.

Finally, I show the poor reader a little compassion and wrap things up. It doesn’t really resolve anything, even if it claims it does, and your life is somehow 15 minutes shorter after reading a blog post that only took a minute to read. As always, I’ll finish this with my customary closing.



ps: Thanks for hanging in there with me. We’ve got more jokes coming every Monday through Friday, and I’m doing my best to make sure that PitP is published every Saturday. I love you guys! See you again soon!

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