Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Garden is Doing Well

Did I mention I was growing some tomatoes this year? I thought I mentioned that… Yeah. Also I think I mentioned my experiment that I’d been running with seven (7) different varieties: Supersonic, Sugary, La Roma II, Rutgers, Bush Goliath, Sweet Millions, and San Marzano. I’ve got one of each turned upside down and growing out of the bottom of hanging planters.

Since I bought two of each, I gave the two sauce tomatoes to my neighbor and put the other five in the ground on the side of the house. The results have been remarkable.

Now you may be wondering if I’d ever grown tomatoes before. Well, yes. But this year, I’m using some premium name-brand potting soil. Even the ones in the ground got planted in the stuff, because I dug out a large hole, filled it with the potting soil, then planted the tomato seedling in it, then covered it in a thin layer of my native dirt. It’s like the plant gets to start out in a well drained pot, and when it outgrows the pot, it’s already in the dirt with a tomato cage around it.

So while the hanging plants have done much better than previous attempts, the tomatoes I put in the ground are truly astonishing.



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