Sunday, June 2, 2019

Software as a Service

Back in the day, if you wanted to install the latest version of an operating system or application, you had to go to the store and buy a copy. You would install the software via floppy disk or CD ROM onto the computer, and that was that. Your computer never checked to see if it was running the latest version, your system didn’t try to download the latest updates, and your programs didn’t try to install newer versions of themselves while you were sleeping so peacefully at night.

The software became a part of the hardware. Until something bad happened, your computer would run that same old software the same old way every time. You didn’t boot your computer and receive a message, “Please wait while we reconfigure your system for the latest version of DOS.” If you opened Windows and clicked on the “About”, you know that the version number displayed was the version number you installed. You also knew that everything worked exactly the way it was originally set up to work.

Granted, those systems were slow, buggy, prone to crash, and setting hardware IRQ’s was a pain, but it was what it was, and most of all, it was yours.

These days, it’s like every internet connected device is constantly updating. Even the software that is running this website receives automatic updates… which is sometimes a pain, because it breaks things. Two weeks ago, this site’s theme updated. I actually have to manually retweak it every time they do this because it breaks the category continuity when clicking on the previous/next post links.

Every day there are new updates. It’s getting to the point where it might save bandwidth if the powers that be would track your mouse or touchscreen and stream the screen they want you to see over the internet. Seriously, the Google Play store uses more bandwidth than any other app because every other app is updating every other day.

But you have to update. If you don’t, then the terrorists win.

It’s a lot of horseshit.


We got the jokes, folks! The Oldest Rater has blessed us with a mother lode of comedy for the entire first week of June. George has started sending jokes again too, so I’m pretty happy. When it rains it pours! The submission page is always taking submissions, my email address is, and I’d love it if you’d forward some jokes to me! Have a great week!



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