Sunday, June 16, 2019

Banana Pepper Passion

After I moved into my house, the south side was committed to the task of growing food. Of course I had the obligatory tomato plants, because as you may know, there’s a law in Ohio that requires every household to grow them. I’ve also grown my fair share of other veggies to various degrees of success.

Some years were better than others, but the sweet banana peppers were consistently in the process of bearing fruit throughout the summer. Sadly, I didn’t know what to do with fresh grown banana peppers at that time, so I gave most of them away.

Keep in mind I’ve always loved those jars of banana pepper rings, but I honestly didn’t know how to make them until about two years ago. I found an easy online recipe for them, tried it, and was blown away. This goes well beyond the difference between store bought and home grown tomatoes. This was a life altering event. Store bought jars were rendered nearly inedible thanks to my new found superpowers.

So previously I’d only planted two to four banana pepper plants, but last year I upped it to six! I produced several quart mason jars from just those six plants. This year, I decided to go… a little crazy.

48 Banana Pepper Plants!

I moved the mandatory tomato plants to the east end and planted two banana pepper beds of 24 plants each. It’s mid June, and I’ve already got banana peppers nearing harvest. Oh yeah! This is mass production time!

So I’ll probably be posting banana pepper updates throughout the summer. I’m eager to see just how much I can produce in spite of having such a small plot of land.


Another great week ahead with jokes from George, but of course I invite everyone to send in jokes via the Flush Twice submission page. My email address is still, and you can send jokes to me there as well.

Thanks for stopping by today, and have a terrific week!



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