Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Word About Star Rating

In case anyone was wondering, the star ratings are not “seeded” here at Flush Twice. I personally never click on the stars to rate the jokes. Why? Because the star ratings are one of the best metrics I have to see what works, and what doesn’t. If I put my own rating on it, then I’d contaminate the survey and lose the useful information of what people actually thought about the jokes.

I’d also like to thank my anonymous “rating regulars” who’ve been giving me their honest feedback on the jokes. I really appreciate your dedication. It may sting a little when you leave a one star rating, but I’m grateful when you do, because it’s nice to know when a joke I honestly thought would work… totally sucked a lot.

Of course if this is your first visit, please rate the joke you just read. First impressions are the best, so don’t hesitate! Ignore what other people gave it. Love it or hate it, go with your gut and click away!

Again, thanks to everyone who rates the jokes and comics.



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