Sunday, January 5, 2020

A Trip to the E.R.

Nobody panic. I’m OK… But… I need to see a cardiologist.

After exhibiting all the classic symptoms, my employer called an ambulance and made me go to the E.R. this past week.

It turns out that people my age, who are overweight and have a family history of heart problems, will likely have heart problems themselves. I do not get to be the exception.

The good news is that it was not a heart attack. I’m still being strongly urged to make an appointment for a stress test, and I’ll probably want to get one of those angiograms as well. More than likely I’ll end up with one of those “stints” used to make sure the blood keeps flowing like it should.

Fortunately, middle age male cardiac problems aren’t the death sentence they once were. You get your stint, watch your diet, get some exercise, and go back to work.

With any luck, I probably will not even mention this again.


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“Buy books. Unlike high calorie food, they don’t give heart attacks.” ― Tanushree Podder



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  1. The oldest rater says:

    It’s called a “stent”. After “stainless steel” and “tent”, I believe.

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