Sunday, January 29, 2017

Working on the Art

It shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows anything about “Webcomics” (a term I now despise), that I don’t actually draw my characters. In actuality, I painstakingly create these tables of body parts and shade them. Each body part has to be done in multiple configurations and angles. The finished product is where I put together the various body parts like paper dolls.

OK, some people actually do draw them and scan them in… But the style I’m using can’t actually be drawn, so instead I use these elaborate templates. I know I’m not the only one who does this, and some very popular webcomics actually do use this method of re-using stock images.

Occasionally I actually go back and update my templates. It’s why since 2011 the characters have had hands. It’s why the female breast looked really weird in all of my older comics. I review these templates and make adjustments and improvements. Some call it “Art Evolution”, and I don’t do it every week.

But right now I’m reworking arms and hands. If I do it right, no one should actually notice. If I do it wrong, you still won’t notice, because I’ll just continue to use the old templates.

Oh, and I’ve made the eyes bigger again. I’ve noticed that bigger eyes seem to make the characters cuter. I’m sure Margaret Keane would approve.



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