Sunday February 4, 2018

Settling In

As boldly announced late Thursday, we have a new web host running on a more modern platform. This upgrade came with a bittersweet realization. Flush Twice sees less than 40 visitors per day.

How do we know this? Well, on the backend of this site I run a visitor counter. Now in the past, it was polluted with crawlers and spambots. You could tell because it showed the most recent IP addresses, and randomly checking an address number would rarely be originating from an ISP, which would have indicated a person. Instead, most of the IP address turned out to be from some random hosting site, which would indicate a bot.

Fortunately the new host has something that naturally filters out around 99% of the bots: Enforced SSL encryption. Because bots don’t typically want to waste their time trying to establish a secure connection, forced encryption is like spraying Lysol on bacteria, but in this case the bacteria are the bots.

Even though that number is barely over a single visitor every hour, I’m actually impressed by how high that number still is. And you know what? I feel confident that this number will increase over time.

Furthermore, I replaced the old “NewStatPress” with “WP Statistics”. I couldn’t do that on the old hosting site because their version of PHP was too old. As a result I get a few extra bells and whistles. I’m being fully transparent. Every post has a hit count at the bottom of it, and if you’re reading this in the sidebar, you’ll see the visitor count for today and yesterday below this post. Keep in mind that “today” starts at midnight EST.

So there you have it. I only wish people would send me more jokes. My current contributors are a little burnt out, and it’s looking pretty thin in the queue… Oh I better stipulate the jokes have to be ones we haven’t posted before, and they should be funny. Don’t worry about format or spelling, because I’ll clean that up when I post them. Anyway, send me your best jokes, and if you have a friend that always forwards them to you, then forward them to me! As always my e-mail address is



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