Sunday, December 24, 2017

Year in Review

Here at Flush Twice we managed to post 256 “jokes” and with the 5 still in the queue, that comes to a magnificent 261 jokes for 2017. When you combine that with the rest of the archive, we’ve accumulated 1077. That’s amazing!

When it comes to comics, there’s actually a lot there as well. There are 52 Pathos in the Plumbing episodes for this year. This brings the total up to 180, but don’t forget we also have the 134 comics from 2008 on, and the 547 prior to that for a grand total of 861 comics since I began creating them back in 2004.

Of course the numbers are nice, but the main goal is quality. I don’t mean just the funniest jokes, but quality in terms of organization, canonization, and overall readability. Is Flush Twice the greatest joke site that I had envisioned? Not by a long shot. I don’t yet have the coding skill to set that up. On the other hand, it’s objectively better better than the majority of joke sites I’ve seen… though I tend to be a little biased in my opinion.

So what’s on my wish list?

What things would I like to see for Flush Twice down the road? I’d like to find a plugin that lets visitors add tags to the jokes. Sure, I guess I could run through and tag 1077 jokes myself, but I think the readers would be able to do a more thorough job of selecting the right tags. I’d also like to recreate the original comic’s structure in the post archive. There’s 547 comics that are lumped into a few “historical pages”, but it doesn’t really give that same sense of continuity.

I think the number one thing on my wish list is that it keeps going. Obviously I’ve spent a lot of time on Flush Twice, and I’ve really enjoyed seeing how that work has grown and evolved. And while even might one day cease to exist, I would like to think that Flush Twice will actually rank up there with the long term survivors.

Merry Christmas,


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