Sunday, August 4, 2019

Home Improv-ment

So I bought a countertop dishwasher. It’s for people who don’t have enough space for a regular sized dishwasher. You’re supposed to put it on your countertop, plug it into a nearby electrical outlet, put this special adapter on your faucet, and plug the water hoses into the faucet adapter. It actually cleans dishes just like a regular full size dishwasher.

The problem is, it’s not really all that compact. I put it on my countertop and it took up the whole damn counter. So I tried using an old microwave cart that I had in the basement, but there were significant issues with that too. Basically it was not nearly as convenient as I hoped it would be, but it did such a nice job on the dishes!

I read somewhere online that a guy put one under his cabinet and hardwired it into the plumbing. “That’s what I ought to do!” I said to myself. And so I cleaned out the cabinet adjacent to the sink and stuck it under there. Sure, I’m losing cabinet space, but I’m gaining a modern convenience in a century old house.

Now the electric part was easy. Drilled a big hole straight down into the basement. Ran some ROMEX over to the site, and installed an outlet. Tada! Houston, we’ve got power! Now getting the water hooked up isn’t going so well.

The hose fittings on this thing are all non-standard, and none of the hardware stores seem to have anything that will help me connect it to my PEX. This is a major bummer, and while I saw where one guy on the internet who said he connected it in this way, there are no how-to’s to guide me.

There’s no happy ending to this one, but I’m still working on it. Hopefully I will find something that will make everything fall into place. When that happens I’ll come back and let you know.


Well, it looks like the joke database is getting pretty full, so I guess we don’t need anymore… Just kidding. The jokes for this week were provided by my friends, Glenn and George. Thanks, guys. You can be a part of the show too, just drop by our submission page for more details. You can also send jokes or other inquiries to

You are charming and talented, and people enjoy your company. Have a great week.



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