Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Brighter Tomato

Well, the tomatoes were delicious this year, but the best of them have passed. The current leftovers on the vine all taste vaguely better than store bought, but they aren’t anything to crow about.

The hanging tomato experiment is now over. Every pot produced some tomatoes. The Sugary and Sweet Millions (both grape) produced the most, the La Roma II and San Marzano’s all had a problem with end rot, the Rutgers and Goliath were slow to produce anything, and didn’t produce much, and the Sonic came on strong in the beginning, but basically fizzled out after that.

Ultimately I decided the real winners in the experiment were the tomatoes planted in the ground. They all did very well with large bushes and many healthy fruits. Next year I’m going to focus on Sonic, Sweet Millions, and the rest will be peppers. Mainly I’ll have bell, jalapenos, and a lot of banana peppers. The hanging baskets will be used for flowers.



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