Sunday, April 23, 2017

Existence is Pain

So yeah, I like R&M, but this time of year is always a pain for me. Ever since I quit smoking back in 2010 (thanks to vaping) my seasonal allergies have been much worse. (And yes, that’s one of the few weird benefits you can get from smoking… It tends to drag down your immune system and suppress other environmental allergies… but I digress.)

Every day I have to take Sudafed (or rather the generic Wal-Phed) to keep the sinus pressure down to tolerable levels. This is not an ideal situation since merely buying the stuff puts you on a government watch list, and it’s not really advised for people who have to take thyroid medication (also a daily pill) due to a potentially dangerous drug interaction. Of course all the other alternatives are essentially non-starters for alleviating the sinus pressure, and that pressure does build into becoming a full blown migraine headache if I don’t address it in a timely manner.

Ever have a migraine? Well, for those of you you haven’t had one before, think about that last time you got an ice cream headache or brain freeze from drinking a frozen smoothie too fast. Those things are excruciating, right? Now imagine that pain lasting for a day and a half or longer. That’s what a migraine feels like, and I get them. It also leads to some secondary ailments like nausea and other unpleasant shit, but I think I’ve horrified enough kids for one day.

So right now, I feel a little like Mr. Meeseeks after he’s been around for a while, but instead of generating an army of myself and going on a rampage, I usually just curl up into a fetal position and pray that it goes away.



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