Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sipping on Soda

About ten years ago, I started vaping in an attempt to quit smoking. It worked, and I no longer smoke. I still occasionally vape, and I make my own juice.

See back in the day, they really only had flavors that tried to mimic tobacco. They also had some minty flavors and some fruity flavors that were nothing like what people have access to today. The fruit flavors back then were very mild, and were also accompanied by those so called “tobacco” flavors. Granted, vaping was still very new at the time, but it was disappointing even back then.

OK, so along the way I heard about making your own e-liquid. It was cheaper and tastier than the pre-made juices. I had bought a bunch of LorAnn flavorings and went to work crafting the greatest e-liquid the world had ever seen!

Actually, my e-liquid that I settled on is a flavorless mix of PG and VG with an absurdly low 1mg/ml of nicotine. It’s tasteless, odorless, and has a mild throat hit… But I digress.

Citrus zest, coriander, cinnamon, and nutmeg. These are the primary ingredients to make a popular flavor known as “Cola”. There are a myriad of flavor possibilities out there. Go down any grocery aisle, and you will find dozens of soda pop flavors, but they only scratch the tip of the iceberg. There are soda flavors out there that you have likely never even heard of!

So I bought a “SodaStream Fizzi” at Target the other day, and now I’ve been playing around with trying to come up with the greatest soft drink the world has ever seen! Of course most of the stuff I’m making is totally gross. Carbonated carrot is hardly a winner, but it’s something fun to do while I wait for the world to end.


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“Soft drinks: The gooey, bubbly sea drowning our American children.” ― Marlene Dietrich



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