Sunday, April 14, 2019

I Finally Got my Taxes Done.

Being a wage slave, I generally get some money back from the fed and the state, but I always end up owing the city. That and the whole “doing your taxes” process always tends to grind my gears.

Here in my state, the employer takes out payroll taxes for the city you work in. I live in one city, but work in another. If the municipality I worked in had an equal or higher tax rate, I wouldn’t pay my hometown a dime. But my city is the metropolitan hub and therefore has a higher rate, so I have to pay them the difference, and I always resented that part.

Well, a few years ago my city raised their income tax rate from 2.25% to 2.5%. That increase of 0.25% prompted all the smaller satellite cities to up their game from 2% to 2.25% the following year. If you know how percentages work, then you realize that identical increases of disparate amounts results in a net lower disparity between the two amounts.

That means I actually owe my own city less on my taxes each year in spite of the fact that everyone raised their taxes. Yes, I am paying more taxes overall, but if you know how much I hate my city’s tax department, paying my hometown less than they would have gotten if they had just left things alone and not jacked up their rates, kinda makes it feel like a small victory.

Happy tax day.


I managed to get a couple jokes from George’s emails. Thanks, George. I’m coming up short this week, so I might end up grabbing some jokes from Glenn’s emails… That is, if I can even find any we haven’t used already. Meanwhile, if you just happened by this place and want to do something totally crazy, leave us a joke on our submission page. You can also send in jokes via And thank you to everyone who visits this site.



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