Sunday, April 11, 2021

The State of Flush Twice Address

It has actually been a while since I have done an introspective write up, so this week’s rant will touch on where things stand. There aren’t any bombshells here, but rather the mundane assessment of the journey so far.

Flush Twice is coming up on its 18th anniversary in a couple of weeks. We are older than Facebook, and I think that alone is something of an achievement. I have also been publishing my own comic here for the last 17 years as well, and throughout that time, the art style has undergone several drastic permutations. I think this is the longest running web comic that has had absolutely zero notability on the internet.

So much has changed since it all began. It started with me building my own web pages using some WYSIWYG abandon-ware on a server in my basement. Today the site is running on a low cost hosting platform with WordPress. From time to time the look has changed, and there have been many, MANY hiatuses, but I have managed to keep things running and have no plans to retire the site anytime soon.

Some things haven’t changed. The jokes are still the same jokes. I have come to accept that there are only so many jokes out there, and then it moves into the realm of variations on a theme and retellings. Every once in a while a new one comes up, but I have not actually heard a new joke in quite a long time, however I still enjoy the old ones.

I am still using Paint Shop Pro 4.14 for all of my comics and graphic designs. PSP 4 was a “shareware” bitmap editor from the 1990’s that due to some oversight could be upgraded to the full version (4.14) with their free upgrade patches. For what it is, it still has a great interface and some highly effective tools. It does have some bugs and limitations that make it a bit dated, but every time I try to use the new stuff, I get frustrated with the rather cumbersome and un-intuitive layouts. I suppose if I were not so set-in-my-ways, I would not have such difficulties, but it is what it is.

It looks like my original partner in crime has finally returned to lurk and contribute jokes. While the former co-sysop from my ancient BBS days isn’t being too conversational, it is good to know he is still alive and well. Thanks for having my back Big D. I missed you old friend.

Sadly, viewership is at an all-time low. Over the past month, fewer than 20 people per day have visited the site. Some days the visitor count has been in the single digits. That is probably due in large part to the lack of effort I have been putting into curating the jokes. Nevertheless, Flush Twice is still chugging along.

I have been periodically moving the submitted jokes into the scheduled queue. I have about a month’s worth of jokes in the queue and almost 2 months of jokes left to schedule. Thanks for your contributions, and please keep ’em coming!

In Conclusion

As usual, our submission page remains up and running for your convenience. I really appreciate all the contributions I have gotten, and look forward to seeing even more.

See you next week!



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